Zigo - A Rock Theater Arts Experience


Becky and Josiah Zigo are classically trained in violin, guitar, and vocals - however, their ability to take their training to create a commercially relative, but still unique style is captivating.  

Zigo's new project shows off their abilities in their writing of every song, and playing of every instrument on the project with exception of the drums, bass, clarinet and accordion - although they have abilities to play those instruments, also.

Vocally, Zigo has a mesmerizing quality between the two of them - intertwining their pure tones to almost sound like each other, but then abandoning all reserve to powerfully deliver an emotional performance through their individualized deliveries.

For select events, a unique stage show has been developed to combine the physical beauty of dance, acrobatics, and visual elements with live music. 




From the purest of simple, but elegant acoustic and vocal performances,

to a full Theater Pop Rock event,

join this group on a musical journey

that can only be described as an experience with